I'm Wyatt Carrell

An independent contracter focused on the interacion between users and UI/UX interfaces..

  • Full Name: Carrell, Wyatt A
  • Age: 20
  • Nationality: United States
  • Address: Bend, Oregon 97702
  • Email: wyatt@wyattcarrell.com
  • Phone +1 541 280 7530
  • My Interests: Reading , Travelling , Psychology , and Review
  • Swimming , Hiking , etc
  • Quote: The worst you can get is a no!
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About Me

Just an ordinary guy, who is hopefully doing something well.

Wyatt Carrell is a twenty-something freelancer who has spent his a whole life surrounded by hard working people who only wanted to improve their quality of life. Along the road Carrell learned from the most influential and hardest working people in his community.

Carrell spent his time learning and waiting for the day to come when he would inveitably forge is own path in the world to make himself more knoledegable and intriguing to work with.

Depite a being a jack of all traits, he does focus and excel in certain areas including ecommerce, branding, UI/UX development and expertise consulting.

Carrell is up for any task and is intending on learning anything that he needs to in order to complete his hired task.

Profesional Experience

Take risks! Nothing can substitute experience.

Graduated from Central Oregon CC 2019

Mar 2015 - 2017
Swim Instructer and Lifeguard

Sunriver Homeowners Assc

Supervised up to 400 swimmers to ensure that they were swimming within safety protocols. Learned to develop  a habit for following intricate procedures and be apart of a team.

Sept 2016
Performer & Speaker

TEDxBend Confrence

Performed as a Entertainer for TEDxBend 2016

2015 - 2017
Customer Service Broista

Dutch Bros Central Oregon

Greeted and listened effectively to customers to ensure courteous and quick service


NAI Cascades / Gud Vyb

I provided NAI Cascades with advice and details on the psyche of young consumers during the time they were  preparing to launch a new business and platform.

Mar 2018 - 2019
Swim Instructer and Lifeguard

Sunriver Homeowners Assc

Returned to Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center to help with short staffing and to help modify  employee atmosphere.


Change is the end result of all true learning.

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E: wyatt@wyattcarrell.com

P: 01 541 280 7530

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website design & development, creative sponsorship, brand development, creative advertising and digital marketing

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